UNNATURAL CAUSES ...is inequality making us sick?
Rebroadcast Fridays at 10PM, October 9, 16, 23, 30, 2009. Dates and times may vary. Check local listings.
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What can you do to help tackle health inequities and create more equitable conditions for everyone?

How to Get Started:

  • Identify and connect people interested in the root causes of health inequities.
  • Organize a “brown bag” screening to discuss how social conditions—where we are born, live, work and play—impact health.
  • Form a committee to identify assets, programs, or initiatives within your organization where you can use the series to educate, organize or advocate for health equity.
  • Screen and discuss the series with PTAs, book clubs, neighborhood associations, churches, tenants groups, racial justice groups, and trade unions.
  • Identify three existing struggles in your community that can improve health equity, e.g., land use, a living wage, paid sick leave, affordable housing mandates, toxic clean-ups, lead paint removal, etc.  How can you become a partner?
  • Conduct an audit of health threats and health promoters in your neighborhood.
  • Identify and build strategic partnerships with community-based organizations and organizations in other sectors; link health outcomes to housing, education, employment, political power and other arenas.
  • Form a community-wide health equity coalition.
  • Ask your public health department to conduct a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on proposed development projects and government initiatives and ordinances.
  • Provide local media with facts and resources so they can incorporate a health equity lens in their reporting; help them identify a message point person to provide quotes, analysis and additional information.
  • Broaden the discussion: look for opportunities to submit op ed articles, letters to the editor, call in to radio talk shows, and form discussion groups.
  • Organize a policy forum to brief officials in government agencies about the social determinants of health inequities.
  • Visit the official UNNATURAL CAUSES film and outreach Web site to learn more about how you and your organization can get involved. The site contains a wealth of tools and resources to help you advance health equity, including a series discussion guide, action toolkit, policy guide, classroom materials, and our ConnectUp! directory of organizations.
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