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PBS and YouTube are teaming up! Check out informative videos from PBS programs on voting and elections, then go out on Election Day and film your voting experience. Upload it to our channel, and your video may be featured here, on YouTube, or even as part of NewsHour's Election Day coverage on November 4.



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PBS and our partners in public media are bringing you the latest on the 2008 election. Get news, analysis and commentary from NewsHour, Tavis Smiley, Rocky Mountain PBS, Minnesota Public Radio, NPR, and more.

Reporter's Blog: Breaking news and analysis

Rocky Mountain PBS
Panorama: Coverage from Denver

Minnesota Public Radio
Minnesota news and views

Tavis Smiley
Young Voices: Fresh perspectives on the election

Curated user-generated news and video

National election coverage

Public Interactive
Local station election coverage

PRI's The World
Vote 2008 from a world perspective



Election Connection Blog
A Year on the Trail
This year we scoured the web to find the most relevant coverage of the 2008 election from journalists, photographers, artists, and engaged citizens all over the U.S. and the world.
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Rules for Documenting Your Vote
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