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The Princess and the Convict

My story is a bit different. After a difficult marriage and subsequent divorce, I had several relationships that ended due to a.) death or b.) incompatibility. I met a man through a support group that I attended, and right away, he let me know that he was attending through a prison release, and within a few weeks of knowing him, he told me what his conviction was...he is a convicted sex offender.

Our friendship has always been the best part about our relationship, but inevitably, we did start to develop stronger feelings for each other. My close friends and family had concerns at first, but since his release from prison last year, and getting the opportunity to spend time with him, they really do like him.

I feel that each of us has the opportunity to make mistakes, but I also feel that people deserve second chances. I have chosen to give this man a second chance at living a somewhat normal life. The public, the town in which I live, has not been as agreeable to his presence in their town, and have used vandalism in an attempt to force him to move.

I have a child, so we face the social service people regularly; however, I must say, my relationship with this man is separate from the relationship with my child. At this time, they do not see each other, and won't, until we have been given the okay for supervised visitation by the social service people. We face many challenges, and we have resolved some of them by realizing that we have time to ourselves when my son is with his father for visits, we visit each other when my son is in school, and sometimes I use a baby-sitter to spend time with him. The time that we do have together is quality time, as is the time that I have with my son.

Yes, I lead a double life, but it is manageable. I love my son, and I love my fiance, and will do what is necessary to continue to nurture each relationship.

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