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A four year difference

My boyfriend and I have the exact same birthday and we are exactly four years apart. Now that doesn't seem like much, but when I'm 14 and he's 18, it is. When we first met I knew he was around eighteen but he didn't know how old I was because I hang out with older girls. He found out eventually but didn't care.

Our parents on the other hand, did care very much. When people at school found out that I, a freshman, was going out with a senior, I was called more names than I can think of. Some of the other girls called me a tramp or a slut.. And then rumors started going around about things we supposedly did even though it wasn't true. And then people started saying stuff like, "Well if he's an 18 year old going out with a 14 year old, we know what he really wants. And she obviously gives it to him or they wouldn't still be together. What a slut." But we didn't care one bit. I never let the peering eyes or ugly rumors get to me and neither did he.

So we made it through the rest of the school year, but then on our first day of summer, our parents decided to put the foot down, and firmly. They said that we would not be able to date each other anymore and that we should start dating people our own age. They said that we could still talk on the phone and do stuff with each other, but we had to break off the relationship. And if we didn't they were going to separate us permanently. Now, at this point we had been together for four months, so this news crushed us both. The night they told us this, I cried my eyes out in Jay's arms while he reassured me that everything would be OK. He was right. The night I cried in his arms, he went home to his mother and explained to her how much we loved each other and how neither one of us would ever find somebody else. She deliberated but then agreed that we could see each other. After having the same discussion with my mom, she agreed as well.

So after that we made it about a month or two and then faced another hardship. My parents decided that we saw too much of each other and that there should be a limit to how many nights we can see one another. They said twice during the week and once on the weekend. And one of those nights we had to be at my house. And at this point Jay was somewhat scared of my mother (she can be pretty scary). But luckily that rule kind of diminished after a while and Jay and my mother are very close now.

Well we are going to be celebrating our six month anniversary in 3 days. We still get some people who think that our relationship is ridiculous, but we just think they can go to hell. Because Jay and I are as close as can be and he is my best friend. He's always there for me and I know he always will be there for me. So if I have to put up with a bunch of girls who are jealous of my perfect boyfriend, then I'll deal with it, because he is certainly worth it.

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