How much money do you collect in a good hour?
It depends. About ten dollars, sometimes fifteen dollars. And then sometimes you can sit here for an hour and not even make a dollar. It depends on the area you're in, how you present yourself, and the mood that the people are in. Sometimes they have bad days too. And you can't expect it every day. You can't expect to make twenty dollars every day. So you're happy with whatever. 'Cause nobody owes me nothing. They're giving it—even if they're feeling sorry for me, they're giving it from the heart.

I've experienced some panhandlers who are really pushy.
That's expressly why they made this new law now. People like that, who're on drugs, trying to MAKE the man give you something. You can't MAKE nobody give you nothing. If they want to give you something, they gonna give it to you. It depends on how you look, how you talk to them. And how you exhibit yourself. If you look like a bum, you're using drugs! You ain't surviving because you're using the money for nothing. You ain't using it for a good reason.

Sometimes I get out here, and my first hour I won't make anything. People going to work will give to me on the way back. They want to see what type of behavior they can expect of me. They see if I'm not making trouble or anything. 'Cause there's a lot of people out here that are homeless and are troublemakers. And you don't want to give anybody money that's just making trouble for other people. A lot of times you don't mind helping someone if they don't mind helping themselves.

Clean vs. dirty panhandlers?




How would you feel about a panhandler spending money you gave him on alcohol or cigarettes?
It would upset meIt wouldn't bother me

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