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Mammoth - Eastern Sierras, California
Hike to a High Sierra Lake on the trail to the highest peak in the continuous United States, explore the Alabama Hills the site of famous movies starring John Wayne, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and many others, go bouldering in the incredible Buttermilks, learn about the mistaken internment of Japanese-Americans at Manzanar during World War II, kayak through the geological spires of mystic Mono Lake, fish for trout in a High Sierra Lake, and discover the secrets to surviving in the wild west at the ghost town of Bodie. Continue >>

Catalina Island, California
Duck at night to avoid flying fish in one of the world's most unique tours, zodiac to the rugged backside of this wild island, take a four wheel drive tour to see bison, the endangered Catalina Island fox, and beautiful sea coves, kayak to an isolated valley for a nature walk, and dive a breathtaking underwater preserve. Continue >>

San Diego - La Jolla, California
Raise a sail on the tall ship Star of India, scuba dive with sea lions off the Coronado Islands, horseback ride on a historic California Rancho, mountain bike through beautiful Cleveland National Forest, hike Mission Trails park and learn about the native Kumeyaay Indians, go barnstorming in a real 1920's bi-plane, and learn about the most famous barnstormer of them all Charles Lindbergh.

Paraglide over red clay cliffs with beautiful vistas of the Pacific Ocean, hike among the rare Torrey Pine tree, skin dive with the huge orange Garibaldi fish, kayak in mystical sea caves, sunbathe with seals, visit beautiful beaches, and learn the secret hidden in the basement of the local shell shop. Continue >>

Santa Monica, California
Visit “America’s Beach” where the healthy lifestyle for which Southern California is known was made famous. Surf with professional surfer turned restaurateur, and then head to the local Farmer’s Market. Roller blade along the beach with roller blading legend Debbie Merrill, and watch 78 year old skateboarder Liz Bevington, the “Skateboarding Momma”. Head to the beach made famous by Baywatch, and work out at Muscle Beach with world renowned weightlifter Jack Le Lanne. Continue >>

Eureka, California
Mountain bike ride to spectacular Fern Canyon, help make a yoke for Paul Bunyan's oxen, whitewater raft below the Trinity Alps, horseback ride on giant Moonstone beach, kayak to visit harbor seals in fertile Humboldt Bay, stalk Bigfoot and visit the Bigfoot Museum, and hike among the resplendent California redwoods. Continue >>

Redding, California - Coming Winter 2004
Jump a wave wakeboarding, experience the thrill of waverunning, and enjoy BBQ cooking in a hot tub while houseboating on scenic Lake Shasta. Tour one of the US’s largest dams, walk among giant ancient stalactites in Shasta Caverns, explore the wildlife of Turtle Bay, and catch a rainbow trout while enjoying a fishing float trip.

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