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Prince Henry the Navigator
Elmina Castle, trading outpost and "slave factory"
Anthony Johnson
The Middle Passage
The Virginia Company of London
Jamestown Settlement
English saved by Native Americans
Arrival of first Africans to Virginia Colony
Africans in court
Virginia looks toward Africa for labor
Virgina recognizes slavery
Royal African Company established
Bacon's Rebellion
Arthur Middleton
Samuel Sewall speaks out
Virginia's slave codes
New York: The Revolt of 1712
Anthony Benezet
Crispus Attucks
Lucy Terry Prince
John Newton
Venture Smith
Benjamin Banneker
Prince Hall
Andrew Bryan
The Stono Rebellion
Witchhunt in New York: The 1741 rebellion
Elizabeth Freeman (Mum Bett)
David George
Olaudah Equiano
Benjamin Rush
George Liele
Lemuel Haynes
Colonel Tye
Phillis Wheatley
Nicolas Owen
Agrippa Hull
Boston King
Richard Allen
Sara Allen
The Boston Massacre
Black Revolutionary seamen
Free black Patriots
Maroons in the Revolutionary period
Founding of Pennsylvania Abolition Society
First African Baptist Church of Savannah
The Underground Railroad
Kidnapping in Pennsylvania
Efforts to end the slave trade
French West Indian refugees in Philadelphia
The Yellow Fever epidemic
The Haitian Revolution
Rebecca Cox Jackson
David Walker
Gabriel's Conspiracy
John Brown
The Douglass family
The Forten women
William Lloyd Garrison
Fanny Kemble and Pierce Butler
Race-based legislation in the North
Harriet Jacobs
Indian removal
Henry Highland Garnet
Florida’s Negro Fort
American Colonization Society
Frederick Douglass
Harriet Tubman
The Vesey Conspiracy
Liverpool and the slave trade
National Negro convention movement
Conditions of antebellum slavery
Nat Turner's Rebellion
Pennsylvania Hall
Butler Island
Slave narratives and Uncle Tom's Cabin
Dred Scott's fight for freedom
The Compromise of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave Act
Bleeding Kansas
Anthony Burns captured
The Weeping Time
The raid on Harpers Ferry
John Brown's black raiders
The Civil War and emancipation

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