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The World Wide Web has extraordinary potential as a research tool. However, not everything on the Web contains valid information. As much as students enjoy, or even rely, on the Web, it's important for students to understand how to evaluate a Web site.

The following guidelines, provided by the "Resources for Youth Services" site of the University of Texas library system (, will be helpful for students as they surf the Web.
Your Knowledge
• How does this new information compare to what you already know?
• How does it change what you know?

• Who is providing the information?
• Where did their information come from?
• Do they provide evidence or examples to support their points?
• Why do you think they are providing this information?

• How old is the information?
• Does it include recent information?

• How much information is given?
• How broad is the topic area?
• How in-depth is the information?

• In what package is the information being presented?
• Is it a WWW or gopher document, a text file, a newsgroup posting, or an e-mail message?
• Is it in text, image, and/or sound form?

• Is the information clearly presented?
• Is it well organized?
• Is the site user-friendly?

• Have people who you respect (friends, teachers, librarians, or parents, etc.) recommended this site as a good source
of information?

• How true do you think the information is?
• What makes you think so?

• Is this important information?
• If it is, why is it important?

Web sites
These Web sites will help students navigate and evaluate the Web. For a list of Web sites that provide historical background and primary sources go to the General Resources section.

Close Up
Contains a lesson plan to use with students on "Untangling the Web."

Evaluating Internet Resources: A Checklist for Students
Also offers a checklist for librarians and teachers.

Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide!
Offers questions about the accuracy, objectivity, and currency of Web sites.

Please Evaluate This Web Site
A list of evaluation questions accompanies a sample site.

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