img||||The Presidents Collection|The award-winning collection of more than 750 videos, articles & galleries|Watch Online||02.15.16 9:00/8:00 c;img||||Space Men|They were the first to brave the unknown. Premieres March 1|Watch Preview||03.01.16 9:00/8:00 c;img||||The Perfect Crime|The infamous trial of Leopold and Loeb. Premieres Feb. 9|Watch Online||02.09.16 9:00/8:00 c;img||||Murder of a President|The story of James Garfield. Premieres Feb. 2 on PBS.|Watch Online||02.02.16 9:00/8:00 c;img||||The Mine Wars|The desire for dignity runs deep. Premiered Jan. 26 on PBS.|Watch Online||01.26.16 9:00/8:00 c;img||||Bonnie & Clyde|"Some day they’ll go down together..." Premiered Jan. 19 on PBS|Watch Online||01.19.16 9:00/8:00 c