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Letters from The Great War

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Letter from Sergeant Clyde Eoff to his sister Josephine Eoff, dated May 30, 1919, sent from Camp Upton, New York to Omaha, Nebraska

…some food and there was more cream than we could eat.

Of course we enjoy these things more than you would for we have had no such feast for a year. I expect some of us will be sick tonight. Anyway it will be worth it.

I should tell you about the Army of "flees" and "mosquitos" in this camp. The camp is located on a deserted part of the island and the soil is all sand. It is about 70 miles from N.Y.. It would'nt make a good graveyard.

The governors of the middle western States including Neb. came East and gave us a hearty welcome in the form of a long line of S.O.S. You know the brand they carry.

"Boys we are proud of you but don’t come back and expect to get as much wages as you got before you left, take anything you can get. The war is over now we stayed at home and made a fortune off the war time profits, now you boys come on home live from hand to mouth and give us your vote. Also we will spend your money for “booze-hounds”, and other worthless political jobs – We also took away all your liberties and freedom but it is all for your good.

When I think of the present state of affairs in our country today, I sometimes wonder if it would’nt be a good plan to go to South America where a man can have a few opportunities. The more I read of this “Peace” (?) conference days, it makes me sick, to-think of what the world suffered from the dirty Hun, and…

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