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Student Rider: Karl Kumodzi

Stanford University
Stanford, California
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

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4 responses to “Student Rider: Karl Kumodzi”

  1. Ayele Amavigan

    7th May, 11

    This is a historic event that is happening before our very eyes and my son is one of the greatest people I ever met in my life and I am very proud of him. GO KARLO (like I like to call you). You are my hero and I am your number one and biggest fan. The life of a man will mean nothing if it is not used to help others who are in more needs than we are.
    Ayele Amavigan 5/7/2011

  2. Andrea

    8th May, 11

    I’m so proud of you, Karl!

  3. Brenda Mutuma

    10th May, 11

    Sibbbb! Like your mom–and I agree with EVERYTHING she said–you are doing big things, and I am sooo proud. Your work and your progress is absolutely admirable; you inspire people like me to keep going and doing good in the world (no matter how many parties/fun events we miss out on;) Keep up the good work darling, and increase your already beautiful brilliance! Can’t wait to see you next week, and God bless you and your journey!


    p.s, hi momma ayele!!!!

  4. Sarah

    16th May, 11

    Way to go Karl! From all of us here at the Ronald McDonald House, and on behalf of the members of our scholarship committee, we’re so proud of you and honored to be a part of your journey!!!