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Day 3: Remembering is a Radical Act

By Alicia Skeeter

“Remembering is a radical act,” says my fellow freedom rider Carla Orendorff. Remembering means to recall to mind things of the past, whether enjoyable or difficult. When one decides to take this chance, one hopes for feeling happiness and delight but also runs the risk of feeling pain and even guilt. When we look at the injustice about history, that history isn’t fully representative of all peoples of all races, perhaps that is because remembering is something our country doesn’t want to do because it knows that once it looks back, not all of the feelings that will be evoked will be desirable. If America would reflect on everything, not just the select events it chooses, things would make more sense. With all the information accessible to people, solutions to problems and injustices should be able to be found.

Today we talked to the first black mayor of Greensboro, North Carolina, Evon Johnson. She told us that it wasn’t until she got  “baptized in the history of social justice” that she got involved in the movement for change. What if we could have a mass movement of baptisms, a revival of sorts, that allowed people to know history and become involved in the movement and make great changes, like Evon Johnson did? The Student Freedom Ride in a way is acting as this revival, a baptism, a baptism of 40 to become refreshed and passionate to create a just society.

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