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In the News

WKYU-PBS Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Rides
By Linda Oldham
Amplifier, June 6th 2011

Reviving the Freedom Ride
By Sara Mosqueda-Fernandez
Daily Local News, June 2nd, 2011

Even After 50 Years, a Ride in the Deep South Has Meaning
By JoyEllen Freeman
Atlanta Journal Constitution, May 25th 2011

Social media and Online Video Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Freedom Riders
By Tiffany Campbell
The Seattle Times, May 23rd 2011

Recent Freedom Riders Trip has Lasting Impact on MSU Student
By Hawkins Teague
Murray Ledger & Times, May 20th 2011

Liberty Mutual Posts Photo Essay on Freedom Ride
By Boston Globe Staff, May 18th 2011

Student Freedom Riders Re-Trace History’s Steps
By Michellay Cole, JoyEllen Freeman and Rajlakshmi De
PBS NewsHour, May 17th 2011

Commentary: Lessons from the Freedom Riders
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 17th 2011

50 Years Later, a New Journey Begins
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 17th 2011

Freedom Riders Greeted with Cheers, Music and Ovation in New Orleans
By Jennifer Rees
AllVoices, May 16th 2011

After 50 Years, Five Original Freedom Riders Arrive in New Orleans
By Katie Urbaszewski, May 16th 2011

50 Years of Freedom
By Marcia Alesan Dawkins
TruthDig, May 16th 2011

Activists Look Back on 50th Anniversary of Freedom Rides
By Imani M. Cheers
PBS Newshour, May 16th 2011

Jackson Browne Concert and a Freedom Riders Street Festival on Monday in New Orleans
By Mark Lorando, May 16th 2011

Riding with History
By Beau Hayhoe
MSU State News, May 15th 2011

Freedom Ride Revisited: Looking Forward, but Seeing the Past in a Mirror
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Baltimore Sun, May 15th 2011

Looking Ahead, Seeing the Mirrored Past
By Leonard Pitts
South Bend Tribune, May 15th 2011

Oberlin College Student Traces Perilous Path of Freedom Riders
By Mark Dawidziak
Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 15th 2011

Freedom Rider Retracers’ Bus Breaks Down
By Alvin Benn
Montgomery Advertiser, May 15th 2011

Looking Ahead Best Done with Grasp of What’s in the Past
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 15th 2011

Students Retrace Original Freedom Rider Route
By Melissa McKinney
WSFA, May 14th 2011

On this Trip, a New Generation Sing Songs Freedom, Faith
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 14th 2011

On the Bus to the Future
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 14th 2011

Freedom Ride of 2011 Brings Struggles of the Soul 50 Years Later

By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 14th 2011

‘Freedom Riders’ Marks 50th Anniversary of Journey to Change ‘Jim Crow’ South
By Cassie M. Chew
The Examiner, May 13th 2011

Freedom Ride Inspires a New Generation of Students
By Yasmine Regester
Caroline Peacemaker, May 13th 2011

50 Years Later, Freedom Riders in Birmingham Recall Integrating Buses, Trains
By Greg Garrison
The Birmingham News, May 13th 2011

Original Freedom Riders Retracing Historic Journey Stop in Nashville
By The Associated Press
WREG, May 13th 2011

Students Retrace Original 1961 Route
By Carole Hawkins
The Augusta Chronicle, May 13th 2011

Freedom Ride Reaches a Milepost of History
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 13th 2011

Modern-Day Freedom Riders Retrace Original Route
By Dixon Hayes
WBRC, May 12th 2011

Reconciliation, Understanding Mark Freedom Riders’ Return to Anniston
By Laura Camper
The Anniston Star, May 12th 2011

Next-Generation ‘Freedom Riders’ Ride into History
By Scott D. Pierce
The Salt Lake Tribune, May 11th 2011

Freedom Riders 2011
Reported By Shanisty Myers
CBS42, May 11th 2011

Fighting for Freedom: Everyone’s Responsibility
By Leonard Pitts
The Miami Herald, May 11th 2011

Freedom Ride Dispatch: Day 3
By Raymond Arsenault
OUPblog, May 11th 2011

Freedom Ride 2011: Day 3
By Trymaine Lee
Black Voices, May 11th 2011

Students, Activists Visit Rock Hill on Freedom Rides Anniversary Tour
By Jamie Self
The Herald, May 11th 2011

SMC Student Hitches a Freedom Ride
By Breanna Ballisteri
The Corsair, May 11th 2011

“Kill/Capture”, “Bhutto”, “Freedom Riders”: Outstanding PBS Programs
By Jan C. Ting, May 11th 2011

Rock Hill Civil Rights Anniversary
By Steve Crump
WBTV, May 11th 2011

You Can’t Defeat Hate with Hate
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 10th 2011

Freedom Ride Dispatch: Days 1 & 2
By Raymond Arsenault
OUPblog, May 10th 2011

Getting on the Bus, 50 Years Later
By Trymaine Lee
Black Voices, May 10th 2011

50 Years Later, Students Recreating the Freedom Rides
By Ann Sheridan
WCNC, May 10th 2011

Commentary: A Busload of Kids that Changed America
By Leonard Pitts, Jr. (The Miami Herald)
Kansas City Star, May 10th 2011

They Called Themselves “Freedom Riders”
By Adam Phillips of Voice of America
OUPblog, May 10th 2011

Students Retrace Freedom Ride Stop in Greensboro
By Nancy H. McLaughlin
Greensboro News & Record, May 10th 2011

50 Years Down the Road: Recalling Freedom Rides is a Chance to Measure How Far We’ve Come
By The Anniston Star Editorial Board
Anniston Star, May 10th 2011

Metro New Orleans Area Community Meetings for Tuesday, May 10
By The Times-Picayune, May 10th 2011

Leonard Pitts Jr.: A Journey Begins for More Change
By Leonard Pitts, Jr.
The Miami Herald, May 9th 2011

In the Valley of the Shadow of Freedom Riders
By Trymaine Lee
Black Voices, May 9th 2011

Freedom Riders Hit the Road, 50 Years Later
By Jonathan Ash, NET News
KVNO News, May 9th 2011

Santa Monica College Student to Join Present-Day Freedom Riders
By Melonie Magruder
The Lookout News, May 9th 2011

UMW Grad Boards 2011 Freedom Ride

By Jeff Branscome
The Free Lance-Star, May 9th 2011

2011 Student Freedom Ride Stop at the University of Mary Washington
SNAP Fredericksburg, May 8th 2011

Campus Watch: IC Student to Retrace Freedom Riders’ Route
Ithaca Journal, May 8th 2011

2 Central Pennsylvania Students Join Bus Trip Retracing 1961 Freedom Ride
By Monica Von Dobeneck
The Patriot-News, May 8th 2011

New Generation of Freedom Riders
WXXI, May 8th 2011

Freedom Riders Recreate Historical Civil Rights Journeys of 50 Years Ago
By Jay Korff
WJLA, May 8th 2011

2011 Student Student Freedom Ride Stop at the University of Mary Washington, May 8th 2011

50 Years Later, Students Retrace 1961 Freedom Ride
By Zinie Chen Sampson, Associated Press
San Jose Mercury News, May 7th 2011

Wesleyan Student to Follow in Footsteps of Freedom Riders
By Claire Michalewicz
Middletown Press, May 7th 2011

Marquette & UWM Students Included in Anniversary Freedom Ride
Milwaukee Courier Weekly Newspaper, May 7th 2011

Merrimack, NH, Student Selected for American Experience Student Freedom Ride May 6-16
NHPTV Pressroom, May 6th 2011

Freedom Riders – A Living Legacy
By Marian Wright Edelman
Huffington Post, May 6th 2011

San Rafael Man One of 40 Students Selected for PBS ‘Freedom Ride’
By Jessica Bernstein-Wax
Marin Independent-Journal, May 6th 2011

Bowdoin Brief: Nutter ’12 Selected to Attend 2011 Student Freedom Ride
By Charles Cubeta
Bowdoin Orient, May 6th 2011

Student Spotlight with Meghna Chandra
By Heather A. Davis
Penn Current, May 5th 2011

Student Joins Freedom Riders for Summer Journey
By Paige Graves
Murray State News, May 5th 2011

Freedom Riders Remembered 50 Years Later
By Chris Richardson
Christian Science Monitor, May 5th 2011

Local Students Retrace 1961 Freedom Ride
By Jackie Loohauis-Bennett
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 5th 2011

Student Activist Relives 1961 Freedom Rides
By Tara Cavanaugh, May 5th 2011

Freedom Riders Retrace Daring Route to Civil Rights Act
By Jay Korff
WJLA, May 4th 2011

‘Freedom Riders’ Rolling into WKAR Tonight
By City Pulse Staff
Lansing City Pulse, May 4th 2011

Students to Retrace Historic Freedom Rides Through South 50 Years After Violent Confrontations
By Associated Press
The Washington Post, May 4th 2011

Michigan State University Student Joining 10-day ‘Freedom Ride’ Tour
By Laura Misjak, May 3rd 2011

Ithaca College Student Takes Part in Retracing of Historic Civil Rights Route
By David Maley
Ithaca College News Releases, May 3rd, 2011

Duke Sophomore to Participate in Civil Rights Tribute
By Michael Shammas
The Chronicle, Duke University, May 2nd 2011

Social Activism Topic of Freedom Ride
By Corey Jones
The Topeka Capital-Journal, May 1st 2011

Students Recreate Bus Journey: Freedom Ride Remembered
By Lindsey Cook
Red and Black, University of Georgia, May 3rd 2011

50 Years Later, Freedom Rides Still Resonate
By Angela Tuck
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 1st 2011

Students Retrace the Civil Rights Freedom Rides of the 1960s
By Donald Bradley
Kansas City Star, April 30th 2011

Get on the Bus: 50 Years of ‘Freedom Rides’
NPR’s Fresh Air from WHYY
April 29th 2011

‘American Experience’ Freedom Ride to Stop in Rock Hill
By Culture & Heritage Museums News Release
Rock Hill News, April 28th 2011

Original Freedom Riders Mark 50th Anniversary
By Lydia X. Mcoy
Chicago Sun-Times, April 27th 2011

Mercyhurst Student to Travel on PBS Freedom Ride
by Sean McCracken
Erie Times-News, April 25th 2011

Retracing History
by Sanjay Talwani
Independent Record, April 24th 2011

On the Road Again: Students and Freedom Riders Retrace Route – and Explore Roots – of Historic Bus Movement
by TaRessa Stovall
The Defenders Online, April 22nd 2011

Drake Student Chosen for Student Freedom Ride
by Matt Kelley
Radio Iowa, April 21st 2011

University of Tennessee Student Following Freedom Riders
By Lydia X. McCoy
Knox News, April 21st 2011

Liberal Studes’ Astiz Selected for Student Freedom Ride
NYU Today, April 20th 2011

Student Freedom Riders to Talk Beyond the Burning Bus with Phil Noble
NewSouth Books Blog, April 20th 2011

Utah Student Selected as Freedom Rider to Retrace Historic Civil Rights Route
by Blair Howell, April 20th 2011

Callie Crossley: Freedom Riders
April 20th 2011

Whitworth Philosophy Major, Act Six Student Selected for PBS’s ‘American Experience’ Freedom Ride 2011
by Emily Proffitt
Whitworth University News, April 19th 2011

A&T Student Selected for Freedom Ride
by Nettie C. Rowland
NewsReleases, April 15th 2011

Q&A with Arkansas’s Student Freedom Rider, Samantha Williams
by Samantha Williams
AETN Engage Blog, April 15th 2011

Eastern Senior Gets on Board for Student Freedom Ride
by Observer Staff Reports
The Observer, April 14th 2011

Meet FAMU’s Young Freedom Rider
By Doug Blackburn
Florida Today, April 14th 2011

Student to Reenact Historic Bus Ride
By Brandi Panter and Christopher Thomas
The Daily Beacon, April 14th 2011

Student Selected to Recreate Freedom Ride
By Allie Hulcher
The Crimson White, April 13th 2011

Hampshire College Student Zilong Wang Participating in Student Freedom Ride from D.C. to New Orleans
By Julian Feller-Cohen, April 12th 2011

Merlene Davis: Murray Student to Join Freedom Riders on 50th Anniversary
By Merlene Davis
Lexington Herald-Leader, April 12th 2011

College Students to Re-enact Freedom Riders for 50th Anniversary
News & Record, April 11th 2011

MSU Student Selected for Freedom Ride 2011
By Hawkins Teague
Murray Ledger & Times, April 11th 2011

USR’s Ray Arsenault Watches ‘Freedom Riders’ Book Gain Steam
By Eric Deggans
St. Petersburg Times, April 10th 2011

EOU Senior Gets on Board for 2011 Student Freedom Ride
By Laura Hancock
Eastern Oregon University, April 8th 2011

Anna Nutter ’12 Among 2011 Student Freedom Riders
Bowdoin Campus News, April 8th 2011

UGA Undergraduate Selected for 2011 Freedom Ride, Sponsored by PBS’s American Experience History Series
By Joelle Walls
UGA News Service, April 8th 2011

Samantha Williams Chosen to Join Student Freedom Ride
By Steve Voorhies
University of Arkansas Newswire, April 8th 2011

Taking a Trip Into History with the Freedom Riders
By Sandy Banks
Los Angeles Times, January 8th 2011

UA Student Selected to Board the Bus for Freedom Ride Commemoration
By Richard LeComte
UA News, April 7th 2011

UT Junior Selected to Participate in PBS’ Student Freedom Ride
By Amy Blakely
The University of Tennessee Knoxville, April 7th 2011

Caldwell Fellow Wins a Seat on 2011 Freedom Ride
By Bill Kreuger
Red & White for Life, April 7th 2011

Drake Sophomore is Only Iowa College Student Selected for Historic Freedom Ride
Drake University, April 7th 2011

Michigan State Student Relives 1961 Freedom Rides
By Kristen Parker
Michigan State University News, April 7th 2011

Mercyhurst Junior One of 40 Students Chosen for Freedom Ride
Mercyhurst College, April 7th 2011

Hampshire’s Zilong Wang Joins 2011 Student Freedom Ride
Hampshire College, April 7th 2011

UMW Senior Chosen for Freedom Ride
By Jeff Branscome
Fredericksburg The Chalkboard, April 7th 2011

To Promote PBS Film, an Invitation to Head South
By Elizabeth Jensen
New York Times, October 20th 2010

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    10th May, 11

    See the story on student rider Alicia Skeeter on our website, also on our Facebook page.

  2. Marsha

    13th May, 11

    Story on Sarah Cheshire, an Oberlin College student who’s part of the 2011 Student Freedom Ride: