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"Cross of Gold", William Jennings Bryan, campaign speech, 1896
First Inaugural Address, William McKinley, 1897
First Annual Address of the National Negro Business League, Booker T. Washington, 1900
Second Inaugural Address, William McKinley, 1901
The Last Speech of William McKinley, Buffalo, NY, 1901
Eulogy in Memory of William McKinley, by Hon. John W. Griggs, 1901


1898 Treaty of Paris

Political Cartoons

Advance of Imperialism
The Imperialism Stunt
The Manila Correspondent and the McKinley Censorship
McKinley and the Philippines
The Republican Circus
The Republican Pig Pens
The Trust Giant's Point of View

Cartoons courtesy of The Ohio State University Department of History.

Song Lyrics

"Lift Every Voice and Sing", James Weldon Johnson, 1900

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