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    Fredrick Sleigh Roberts In South Africa, the Boer War continues as Frederick Sleigh Roberts replaces Sir Redvers Henry Buller as Commander-in-Chief of British military forces.

    Telegraphic communication between London and the source of the Nile is established. The Ugandan Railway telegraph line crossed the river on the 19th of February.

    Colonel Frederick John Lugard is named High Commissioner of Nigeria as control of the territory passes from the Niger Company to England.

    An attempt is made on the life of the Prince of Wales during his visit to Brussels. A sixteen-year-old boy, who claimed to be avenging the "thousands slaughtered in South Africa," is arrested after firing two shots at the Prince. Both shots missed.

    France makes strides toward linking all its possessions in Africa by defeating Rabah Zubayr in the Battle at Kusseri, thereby gaining control of the Baguirmi Kingdom. France already controls Algeria, West Africa, and the French Congo.

    Johannesburg, South Africa, falls to the British as the Boer War continues.

    According to press reports, England has drawn up a draft agreement with the kingdom of Uganda. The king is to receive an allowance and the Katekiro (Prime Minister) will be paid a salary.

    The London Times reports that mail will leave Rhodesia today for the first time in nine months and that passengers will be able to travel between Bulawayo, Rhodesia and Cape Town by the middle of June.

    Britain annexes the Transvaal in Africa.

    The American Bridge Company secures a contract to construct 34 bridges along the Uganda Railway. Engineers estimated that the job would require more than 8000 tons of structural steel, costing more than $1 million.

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