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    V.I. Lenin emigrates to Switzerland and begins a five-year exile from Russia..

    Russia's Minister of Finance announced that Russia's gold reserve was diminished over the last year by more than 24 million rubles.

    Disturbed by US military involvement in the Philippines, Andrew Carnegie and William Jennings Bryan emerge as vocal opponents of what they see as US imperialism.

    As debate over military engagement in the Philippines intensifies in the US Senate, Richard F. Pettigrew of South Dakota is accused of treason when he attempts to read the statements of Emilio Aquinaldo, leader of the Filipino insurgents, into the congressional record.

    The Ameer of Afghanistan announces that Afghanistan will not submit to the will of Russia. He declares that, "The Afghans prefer death to slavery."

    Brigadier General Funston, serving in Manila, is investigated for ordering the hanging, without trial, of two Filipinos who were alleged to have attacked an American scout party.

    The Chinese government is issued an ultimatum by France, Germany, Britain, and the US to suppress the Boxer uprising.

    The Boxers In China, the Boxer's siege of the legations begins with the assassination of the German ambassador.

    Insurrectionists in Persia attempt to dethrone the Shah.

    British authorities begin placing Boer resisters and guerrilla warriors into concentration camps in southern Africa.

    Famine-stricken India is relieved and hopeful due to recent rains. Severe droughts of the past two years led to nearly 90% of the country's cattle dying and produced over a half million orphans.

    An 8-member Allied relief force ends the siege of legations in Peking, China. There, the combined forces of the US, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Japan, and Great Britain succeeded in driving the Boxers and a band of Chinese regulars out of the captured city.

    A US Army transport ship, The Kilpatrick, sets sail for Manila loaded with Christmas presents for US soldiers in China and the Philippines.

    French engineers secure a contract to construct the Seoul-Wiju Railway in Korea.

    Czar News out of Lavidia, Russia, reports the Czar to be in grave physical condition.

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