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USA Northwest
    In response to large numbers of immigrants flooding into the Alaskan Territory in search of gold, President McKinley assigns Col. George M. Randall, 8th US Infantry to command an army division there. The move was made to prevent lawlessness from taking over the region as the number of gold speculators increases.

Gold Rush
    New gold fields are discovered in Nome, Alaska. Upon hearing the news, thousands abandon Dawson, the site of the last gold rush.

    An Indian medicine man in Alaska is sentenced to 6 months in jail and fined $200 for his role in trying a 14-year-old boy as a witch. Tiu Cow, a Kake Indian doctor, declared the boy bewitched and subjected the boy's family to a witch test involving a three-day stay in the woods and the capture of a live rat. During the witch test, the accused boy committed suicide.

    Hawaii joins Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona as a US territory. Sanford B. Dole is appointed governor of the new territory.

    Lakeview, Oregon, is the site of a fire that destroys 64 buildings.

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