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America 1900 presents a comprehensive picture of what life was like in the United States at the turn of the century. Both the program and the Web site offer compelling images, information, and documents about American life. Students will be able to grasp historical concepts and issues through the stories of ordinary people across the country. Diverse voices and faces will help expand students' knowledge and understanding of the time period and how it relates to our lives today. The program also explores key themes such as the impact of technology, the rise of racism, immigration and the search for a national identity, and the rise of America as a world power.

In this guide you'll find some tips and strategies for using America 1900--the program and its Web site--in your classroom. You will also find the Film Index, which breaks down the three-hour program into 20-minute segments and a guide to using our new online magazine, WayBack-US History for Kids. You may tape America 1900 and use the videotape for educational purposes for up to one year after the broadcast. To purchase the tape, visit go to the Shop section of this web site.

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Using the Film

Using the Web site

Film Index

Using Wayback - US History of Kids

Educators & Librarians: You may order "America 1900" at PBS Video.

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