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1. How did you find out about this Web site?


2. How easy was it to navigate through this site?

Very easy Easy Hard Very hard

3. How do you plan to use the materials on this Web site?

Help me prepare a lesson plan
Show Web site to students
Ask students to visit site
As a resource for further research
Help me use the America 1900 film
I will not use it beyond browsing


4. Do you plan to download/print materials from this site?

Yes No

If yes, which materials

Teacher's Guide
Special feature


5. How effective is this Web site in using the events of 1900 to address issues of cultural diversity?

Extremely Effective Effective
Not very Effective Not at all effective

Some questions about you:

6. How would you describe the school where you teach?

Public school Private school Home school

Rural Suburban Urban:

Students' socio-economic status:
Mostly upper Mostly middle Mostly lower Mixed

How would you describe the race/ethnicity of the students in your class?
Mostly White: Mostly African American:
Mostly Latino: Mostly Asian:


7. What grade level do you teach? (Check all that apply.)

k 1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13

8. What subjects do you teach? (Check all that apply.)

Social sciences

9. Would you be willing to answer some questions in greater depth about the usefulness of this Web site? Those that participate will be entered into a drawing to receive free videos of all the new films in the 1989-1999 season.

Yes; please e-mail me.
Maybe; please send me more information.

If yes or maybe, please give us your

and e-mail address

Additional Info:


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