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Teacher's Guide feedback The following activities are inspired by the Wayback - US History for Kids section of the site. Have students explore the online magazine and then do one of the following activities:
  • Using Wayback - US History for Kids as a model, have students create their own magazine about the year 1900 (or about today) based upon local events in their school or town.

  • Make a list of inventions and advances in technology that were created in 1900. Then have students, using popular science and technology magazines, create a list of the new inventions and technological advances predicted to come out in the year 2000. Ask students to come up with their own idea for a new invention. To present their idea, have them draw a picture, caption, or create an advertisement to sell the invention.

  • Working in teams, have students create a card or board game based upon fun facts about the year 1900, for example:

      Q. What book was published in 1900 that later became a classic movie featuring a character named Dorothy?
      A. The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum

      Q. What song was written in 1900 that has been called the African American "national anthem"?
      A. Lift Every Voice and Sing, by James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson

      Q. What psychiatrist published his famous book, "The Interpretation of Dreams," in 1900?
      A. Sigmund Freud

      Q. Why was 1900 an important year for Mickey, Goofy, and Daffy Duck?
      A. Walt Disney was born in 1900.

  • Using transparency sheets, have students draw their own "song slides." Re-create the turn of the century experience of viewing song slides by using selections from today's music and an overhead projector.

  • Have students research the race won by "automobilist" A.L. Riker and Barney Oldfield's race in 1902. Compare these races, their publicity campaigns, and public reaction with professional car racing today.

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