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Italian and French vineyard owners attempt to divert hailstorms by firing cannons at developing cloud formations. (Europe)

Delegates arrive in Kansas City for the Democratic convention. They go on to nominate William Jennings Byran as their presidential candidate and Adlai E. Stevenson as vice-president. (Midwest/US)

Racial unrest erupts in Raleigh, North Carolina over an attempt by state Democrats to take away from African Americans the right to vote. (Southeast/US)

Race riots in New Orleans lead to the destruction of scores of African American schools and homes. (Southeast/US)

Security is increased in Paris at the Exposition as incidences of anarchistic violence increase. (Europe)

German Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin launches his 416 foot long aircraft, called a Zeppelin, over Lake Constance. Capable of carrying up to 10 tons, the craft carried enough fuel to remain aloft for 10 hours. (Europe)

King Humbert I of Italy is assassinated at Monzo by silk weaver Gaetano Bresci, an avowed anarchist who had formerly lived in Paterson, New Jersey. (Europe, Northeast/US)

Paris, France, unveils its first subway system. It will expand to become one the world's three largest. (Europe)

At Wimbledon in London, Reginald Doherty wins the men's singles competition, while Mrs. Hillyard is the ladies champ. (Europe)

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