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In Washington, DC, heated debate in the US Senate over an anti-trust bill threatens to shut down the government. Elsewhere in DC, the Washington monument, featuring a seven-minute elevator ride, opens to tourists. (Northeast/US)

Republicans convene in Philadelphia to nominate presidential and vice-presidential candidates. They choose William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt, respectively. (Northeast/US)

A federal quarantine, forbidding anyone to leave the city without permission from a US health officer, is ordered in San Francisco over fears caused by bubonic plague. (Southwest/US)

Spanish cellist Pablo Casals performs at the Salle des Agriculture during the Paris Exposition. (Europe)

Players from baseball's National League meet in New York to form The Protective Association of Professional Ball Players. Among other issues, players protest being farmed out to other teams against their will. (Northeast/US)

Medical experts in San Francisco hold discussions about using x-rays to treat tuberculosis. (Southwest/US)

The first international championship motorcar race is held in France as drivers from Belgium, France, Germany, and the US compete for the Gordon Bennett Cup on a course running from Paris to Lyon. The race, sponsored by New York publisher Gordon Bennett, is won by the driver from France, who maintains an average speed of 38 miles per hour. (Europe)

The Boxers In China, the Boxer's siege of the legations begins with the assassination of the German ambassador. (Asia, Europe)

Three-hundred and twenty-six steamship passengers and crew members are killed as fire destroys 3 steamships and piers in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Northeast/US)

Nestor Montoya, a member of the New Mexican State Legislature, establishes "La Bandera Americana" a Spanish language newspaper. It was the second newspaper founded by the well known defender of Hispanic rights. Montoya founded La Voz del Pueblo in 1889. (Southwest/US)

New York is the site of the Socialist Labor Party convention where Joseph P. Maloney of Massachusetts and Valentine Remmel of Pennsylvania are nominated for president and vice-president, respectively. (Northeast/US)

The Prohibition Party chooses John G.Wooley of Illinois as their presidential candidate and Henry B. Metcalf of Rhode Island as their vice-presidential contender. (Midwest, Northeast/US)

Carrie Nation begins her crusade against liquor by hurling a rock through the window of a Kiowa, Kansas, saloon. (Midwest/US)

The London Times reports that mail will leave Rhodesia today for the first time in nine months and that passengers will be able to travel between Bulawayo, Rhodesia and Cape Town by the middle of June. (Africa)

The International Ladies' Garment Workers Union is founded by cloakmakers on New York's Lower East Side. The union represents 2,300 workers in New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. (Northeast/US)

An economic crisis in Guatemala forces the government to stop the importation of goods. A near collapse of nation's money markets leads to a reported complete stagnation of business. (Central America/Caribbean)

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