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Minnesota state agricultural officials predict a record grain harvest, exceeding that of Great Britain and Ireland, combined. (Midwest/US, Europe)

Theodore Dreiser publishes "Sister Carrie," a realistic novel concerning a young country girl's use of sexual prowess to pull herself up the social ladder. The book is taken out of circulation after selling 456 copies. (Midwest/US)

In Paris, bombs are thrown into the home of M. Alfred Picard, Commissioner-General of the Paris Exposition, which is about to begin. (Europe)

The Ameer of Afghanistan announces that Afghanistan will not submit to the will of Russia. He declares that, "The Afghans prefer death to slavery." (Asia)

An Elkhart, Indiana minister, Rev. Dr. E.H. Gwynne of the First Presbyterian Church, preaches to Francis Hoover who was at home ill with rheumatism. (Midwest/US)

The Social Democratic Party holds its national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, nominating Eugene V. Debs of Indiana for president and Job Harrison of California for vice-president. (Midwest, Southwest/US)

An Indian medicine man in Alaska is sentenced to 6 months in jail and fined $200 for his role in trying a 14-year-old boy as a witch. Tiu Cow, a Kake Indian doctor, declared the boy bewitched and subjected the boy's family to a witch test involving a three-day stay in the woods and the capture of a live rat. During the witch test, the accused boy committed suicide. (Northwest/US)

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