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The Paris Exposition comes to a close. (Europe)

The marriage of Louisa Pierpont Morgan, daughter of J.P. Morgan, to Captain Herbert Satterlee, in New York City is the social event of the season as fifteen hundred invitations are sent out. (Northeast/US)

The annual football contest between rivals Harvard and Yale, played at Yale Stadium in New Haven, Connecticut, finishes with Yale on the winning end of 28-0 score despite the hard-fought efforts of the Crimson, led by quarterback and team captain Charles Dan Daly. Yale would go on to win that season's Collegiate Football National Championship with a record of 12 wins and no defeats. (Northeast/US)

News out of Lavidia, Russia, reports the Czar to be in grave physical condition. (Asia/Europe)

Tragedies on the football gridiron occur in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Chicago, Illinois. In Lowell, 18 year-old Louis Gilmore is killed during the annual Thanksgiving Day game, while 16 year-old William Bartlett of Chicago dies during a neighborhood contest. Both boys succumbed to injuries to the spine. (Northeast, Midwest/US)

The first concert of the Philadelphia Orchestra, made up of the city's residents, is performed at the Academy of Music. (Northeast/US)

Thirty-one exhibitors attend the first US national automobile show at New York's Madison Square Garden. (Northeast/US)

A constitutional convention is held in Havana, Cuba. The island nation had been occupied by American forces since the expulsion of Spanish forces by the US. (Central America/Caribbean)

Oscar Wilde Irish-born writer Oscar Wilde dies of cerebral meningitis at the Hotel d'Alsace in Paris at age 49. Wilde was the controversial author of "The Picture of Dorian Gray," among other works. (Europe)

Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, is the site of a debate over academic freedom after university president David Starr Jordan dismisses Professor Edward A. Ross for making what Jordan considered to be radical political statements. (Southwest/US)

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