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Elizabeth Deane, Executive Producer & Writer
Elizabeth Deane
Executive Producer & Writer

Deane wrote the script and managed the overall production.

How many people in history do you know who will tell you their hopes.. and  their deepest fears?
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Elizabeth Deane:

I think this historical period is one of the hardest to bring to life. Somehow for me, at least, more than Romans in togas or something, and I'm not quite sure what it is, but if you look around, my theory is it's the wigs. That somehow that headdress kind of puts you off, and most of us, when we see movies or documentaries of people in this time, they've got these funny wigs and they're walking around in their knee breeches and it feels very far away. But in this case we have such a close -- characters who let you get so close to them in their letters and get past all that, I think.

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