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Jill Reurs, Script Supervisor
Jill Reurs
Script Supervisor

Reurs watched over prop continuity and camera angles from scene to scene so that film editors could locate shots quickly.

It's sort of like a huge game of concentration,  matching everything.
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Jill Reurs:

The script supervisor, also known as a continuity supervisor, is a person who keeps track of everything that's being shot when you make a movie or a TV show or a documentary. When you're -- when you're doing this kind of a project it's sort of like a huge jigsaw puzzle. Everything is shot out of order and a lot of times you want to be shooting in a location like where we're shooting here today in Quincy, there are scenes that take place in what's called the Adams Farm.

So when you come to a location like this, you basically want to cluster all of the scenes that would be shot in that location and cover them in the entire time that you're there. And they may be scenes that are in the beginning of the story or at the very end or in the middle and so it's my job to keep track of everything that's being shot so that at the end of the project when the -- when the film and the sound tapes all go to the editor, they can piece them all together.

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