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In the colonial era, men wore wigs made from human and goat hairs and even wool or straw. For this production, some wigs were custom- made, others were rented.

What we're trying to do is as closely as possible replicate what John Adams and Abigail looked like. -- Peg Schierholz, Wig Designer
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Peg Schierholz:

I try to go to as many sources as I can and libraries are extremely useful. The Internet's getting better. If you can find the actual portrait, that's the best. Then there -- you dig deeply. There are some records from the period of exactly how hair styling was done and, say, in this particular era, it was fashionable for men to wear wigs. Whether they had hair, or not they would wear a wig. So there are various sources you could go to, to find out what kind of hair was used. Sometimes human. Sometimes animal. Sometimes goat. Sometimes... it was even something like wool, or straw, just depending upon the strata of the person. But there are various documents... that give you that information.

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