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American Experience: The Presidents
American Experience presents biographies, domestic and foreign policies and the legacies of all American presidents.

Adams National Historic Park
Everything you need to know about visiting the historic Adams estates in Quincy, Massachusetts, can be found here, including tour times, youth activities, and maps.

Massachusetts Historical Society Online: The Adams Family
Access more than a quarter of a million primary documents electronically including letters, diary entries, and more. The Historical Society library is home to several generations worth of Adams family personal and political records and writings, including those of John, Abigail, and John Quincy.

Smithsonian Institution Portrait Gallery: John Adams
Visit the Smithsonian's Hall of Presidents to find the official portrait of John Adams and other U.S. Presidents.

American Experience: Patriots Day
Explore the Revolutionary era in another American Experience Web site, which takes a look at the reenactors who gather each April in Massachusetts to re-fight the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

The American Revolution
Follow a path of events through the American Revolution on this site from the University of San Francisco, and then test your knowledge with the accompanying worksheet.

Boston Historical Society and Museum
Learn about the Boston Massacre through an interactive investigation of images and eyewitness accounts and decide for yourself what really happened!

John Quincy Adams: One President's Adolescence
Take a look into the young mind of the sixth president of the United States through his letters and diary entries from his home in Quincy, written while his father was helping found a new nation.

Liberty! The American Revolution
Liberty! is a six-part documentary series by PBS that chronicles personal stories of the American Revolution.

NewsHour Interview with David McCullough
Read what passionate Pulitzer Prize winning biographer and historian David McCullough has to say on this often overshadowed revolutionary figure.

Web Sites | Books

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