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Dearest Friend

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Colonial Life
The Revolution

"[John Adams] had a very resonant voice, apparently. He made a very clear and bell-like sound in the court."
-- Simon Russell Beale, actor

"I did a lot of research. I had time... to read the amazing letters that still exist between the two of them."
-- Linda Emond, actor

John and Abigail Adams wrote over a thousand letters to each other. They had plenty to tell one another during the months (sometimes years) that John was away from home helping found a new nation.

From their initial courtship in 1761 through their time as President and First Lady over three decades later, the couple shared insights on their lives and times. John Adams also recorded his thoughts in a diary, which he began keeping at the age of 20.

American Experience found actors Simon Russell Beale and Linda Emond to bring the Adamses to life in the television program. Here on the Web, listen to the actors read the famous words of a fascinating couple.

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