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The Berlin Airlift
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The Berlin Airlift large/docs.php
The Truman Presidential Museum and Library offers a history of the Berlin Airlift as well as primary documents, oral histories and photographs.

National Museum of the USAF
Visit the online exhibit commemorating the airlift at the National Museum of the United State Air Force. The exhibit presents general information, photographs, maps and cartoons.

National Security Archive
George Washington University Web Site includes Cold War documents and an interview with Gail Halvorsen.

The Perilous Fight
Read a timeline of World War II.

Franklin Roosevelt
Learn more about the president who lead America through World War II.

Harry S. Truman
Learn about the president who authorized the Berlin Airlift

Veterans of the Airlift
The Website of the Berlin Airlift Veterans Association provides profiles of the key American participants, including Gail Halvorsen.

World War II
Learn about the end of the war in Europe.

Web Sites | Books

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The Berlin Airlift American Experience