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Texas Treasures
The Texas State Library & Archives Commission presents this online exhibit highlighting historical artifacts and documents. Read about José Antonio Navarro and others -- and see original letters -- in the Giants of Texas History section.

The Alamo
A site run by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas offers information on the Alamo and its famous last stand.

Texans, Texas and the Alamo
The Center for American History at U.T.-Austin presents this online exhibit, including early photographs of the Alamo. Clicking "next page" leads to more images of primary documents.

State of Texas Historical Information
This section of the official state government Web site is devoted to the history and culture of Texas. The site provides links to basic Texas trivia and to the state's historical attractions and facilities.

The Handbook of Texas Online
Find out almost anything you need to know about the people, places, and events of Texas history at this Web site. This collaborative work of the Texas State Historical Association and the Libraries at U.T.-Austin can be browsed or searched, and features an ongoing Texas quiz challenge.

Lone Star Junction
This non-profit Texas history resource is "provided for the benefit of both Texans and 'foreigners' alike." It includes archives, on-line forums, full-text versions of classic Texan literature, and a database of over ten thousand Texans from the days of the Republic and earlier.

The Tejano Association for Historical Preservation
The non-profit Tejano Association for Historical Preservation was formed in 1989. The organization identifies and preserves buildings and sites that have historical or archaeological significance to the Hispanic, early Texas, French and native/indigenous cultures.

Sons of Dewitt Colony: José Antonio Navarro
Texas A&M hosts this Web site devoted to José Antonio Navarro. It includes pictures and excerpts of his writings, and a link to his commentaries published in the San Antonio Ledger.

José Antonio Navarro: A Bicentennial Tribute
This Navarro biography page presented by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department celebrates the 200th anniversary of Navarro's birth. The site includes pictures and a link to Navarro's writings.

San Jacinto Museum of History
This museum oversees the San Jacinto battlefield. Its Web site includes an informative feature on the decisive battle for Texas independence, including a weapons section with photographs of guns and swords of the era.

Brazoria County Historical Museum
The Brazoria County Historical Museum is located in Angleton, Texas in the heart of Stephen F. Austin's Colony. The museum and its Web site provide photographic archives, a documents catalog, a genealogical database and other resources relating to Stephen F. Austin's American colony in Mexican Texas.

City of San Antonio Visitors Information
This commercial and tourist site seeks to inform visitors of San Antonio's attractions, businesses, and history. It also provides a calendar of upcoming cultural events.

Web Sites | Books | Articles

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Web Sites | Books | Articles

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