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Race for the Superbomb Feedback

Watched the January 11 1999 broadcast on the super-bomb while reading the enhanced transcript off the internet. It was a first for me. I see so many possibilities in this form of "multi-media-mix" I have read many books on this deep subject; yet, I never got such a clear grasp of details and flow of idea's before. Encore, I will use the TV and your web site from now on.....


Great program. What a pleasure it was to see how such a terrible weapon effected not only Americans, but also the Russians. I had no idea how Korea could have been effected by this, again great program.


Very interesting, very scary. We humans can be insane developing such weapons. Life is too valuable to vaporize.

Salt Lake City

This is just another example of our government at work and yet we can witness something like this and think "well that was then." It is obvious to me that if the government would experiment with something like the "bomb" without knowing it's full potential then to follow suit what is the government doing now that our children will watch on PBS long after we are dead?

St. Louis

Great source material on the site. Eisenhower and LeMay's policy worked, didn't it?! I notice we are still here (we weren't "pre-empted").


Thank you for the documentary "Race for the Superbomb". It's easy for people less than 20 years old to forget that we're still threatened by these abominations. It's also a reminder that one can be brilliant & well motivated & yet still, as in the case of Edward Teller, be thoroughly evil.


Excellent! It actually brought back much that I had forgotten as a schoolchild in the '50s. Being born in the middle of this century - November 6, 1950 to be exact - I measure our century by what I have read about that happened before my I was born and by what has happened in my lifetime that I have experienced. Perhaps not since the Italian Renaissance has there been a time of comparable achievements


Last night while I was feeding my baby, I was flipping through the channels. We don't have cable and we often watch shows like Nova. When I tuned your documentary in about the Race to the Superbomb, I was intrigued. You see my father was in Korea in the mid 1950's and my mother was in high school at the time. Watching how the world was preoccupied with creating such a destructive bomb and then how they tried to convince people that they could survive nuclear warfare, helped me understand what it must have been like for my mom and dad's generation. I've seen the footage of the mushroom like explosions from the testing back then, but you're show really brought the human element to it. You see I never knew that people were being told that they could survive a nuclear war with the proper planning and training. By the time I was a teenager in the 80's, it was common knowledge that such a war would destroy the world. Thank you for taking me back there as though I was in my 20's as a young mother and wife and showing people like me who were born after the beginning of the cold war why people believed and did the things they did.


One of the most compelling presentations I have ever seen. What's so amazing is that these scientists some of who are mathematicians can envision and define a hydrogen bomb on paper! That's science at it's finest. Also, to know that many Russian scientists had misgivings about the bomb. That if allowed to be set off, there would be no humanity left!

Long Beach

I am 11 years old. I don't think they should have invented it. It was too powerful for the world. There was way too much pollution in it, too. It was a bad thing to come upon. It was too big a bomb for us to handle.

Clintonville, WI

I now feel totally foolish for believing that I could get away from all the bombs by moving up to the Canadian north after looking at the bomb blast maps provided by your site. I know I could never really escape. Reality has truly set in.


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