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Lt. General James Edmundson on: Bombing Campaigns in the Korean War
James Edmundson Q: You were also involved in the bombing campaigns in the Korean War. Can you describe that campaigns?

JE: Yeah, I sure can. We were flying out of Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, and I had my 30 airplanes, 30 crews...We bombed around the Pusan perimeter, where the American forces and the South Korean forces were back down...and we banged around there until they...started moving north. We bombed Seoul, oil refineries and manufacturing plants on up, all the way up to the Russian border....

When we ran out of factories to bomb, we started in on bridges. And the bridge operation was quite interesting. I'd go up with a list. We maybe would have, oh, 15 airplanes up on that day. And I'd be up with one of the crews, and each would have been assigned a bridge to hit, dropping bombs one at a time. And we'd figured out the best fusing on our bombs for the various kinds of bridges, and the best angle at which to hit them. And then the [crews] would check in with me when they had knocked their bridge into the water, or when they'd used up all their bombs and their bridge was still standing, so I was able to keep track of it and shuffle them around. Somebody's sunk his bridge and--and still had some bombs left, I could switch him over to another target.

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