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Lt. General James Edmundson on: The Impression of Atomic Tests
James Edmundson Q: You witnessed a number of atomic tests. Can you tell me what sort of impression they made on you?

JE: Well, it was very clear that the nature of warfare had changed, had become a lot more serious. I went back out and watched the first H-bomb test, too. A certain number of people were permitted to go from SAC [Strategic Air Command.]...Oh, `54, I guess it was, when that happened, because I was a brigadier general, and about four or five-- five, I guess, brigadier generals from SAC went out to watch the H-bomb tests at Eniwetok. Then I was in the air and watched it...

I flew over tests in Nevada a couple of times, and was on the ground in Nevada once during one of the Keyhole shots (I think they called them). So we were-- We saw these bombs going off. We saw them from lots of angles. We carried them in our bomb bays. And it--it made war a lot more serious. And it kept us constantly aware of the fact that there wasn't--wasn't any room for--for fudging, no room for-- no way of ducking it or getting away from it.

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