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Lt. General James Edmundson on: The Change in Bomb Targets
James Edmundson Q: With the arrival of H-bombs, did this have an impact on the targets that crews were given?

JE: Yeah. It was a change that came about as the kill power of the weapons increased. In other words, instead of going after three or four individual factories around the city, you could aim for the center of the city and get all of the factories with one bomb. And a--the philosophy of targeting was certainly changed as we got into the more capable weapon systems.

Q: Is that something that you took home and thought about, the fact that you were now aiming for the center of cities instead of specific targets? Or is that just something that was inevitable?

JE: Yeah, we thought about it...Certainly, I didn't have any--any regrets or--or feelings, because we knew that at the time we were doing that, they would be doing the same thing to us. So it-- No, I had no compunction about going after any target they gave me to go after.

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