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Lt. General James Edmundson on: Strategic Air Command�s Role in Ending the Cold War
James Edmundson Q: Do you believe that SAC was a key element, if not the key element, in surviving and winning the Cold War?

JE: Yes, I do. I believed it, of course, when I was a part of it. But I think I saw it from the outside during the Cuban missile crisis, when I was not in SAC but I was in Europe, where I could see pretty well what was going on there. And I was convinced SAC's reposturing was the one thing that the Russians understood and that made them back out of that confrontation that was staring us in the face on the-- over the missiles in Cuba. So I believed it at the time, and I still believe that SAC was the major force that kept the Russians from stepping off the deep end until they spent themselves into oblivion...

I think that SAC and the capability that we built into SAC, and having a man like General LeMay around at the time to run it, is what enabled us to reach a point where the Berlin Wall would come tumbling down and people would be saving blocks of it to take home for souvenirs.

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