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Major General Valentin Larionov on: Soviet Cold War Fears
Q: In the United States, there was the assumption that sooner or later the Soviet Union was going to be ready to launch a surprise attack. There was a lot of fear about that. Were there similar fears in the Soviet Union?

GL: It seems to me that if one compares American society and Russian society at that time, the psychosis on this account was gigantic in America. I myself did not visit the U.S. during those years, but I know that the Soviet people, the Russian people, did not have to go through all these constructions of bombproof shelters and those practice air-raid alerts at that time. Maybe, it was due to the Russian people's "to-hell-with-it" character, the devil-may-care attitude, so to speak. But I am convinced that life for Americans in those years was psychologically much more arduous than it was for Russians. That is my view and my evaluation of those years and of the state of mind of people during those years both in America and in Russia.

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