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The Film and More
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American Experience
The Film & More
Film Credits

Produced and Directed by:
Robert Kenner

Written by:
Ken Chowder

Leonard Feinstein

Buddy Squires

Mark Adler

Joe Morton

Line Producer:
Bronwyn Barkan

Associate Producer:
Richard Kassebaum

Additional Cinematographers:
Paul Goldsmith, ASC
Richard Kassebaum
Phil Parmet
Erich Roland
Steven W. Ross

Assistant Editor and Researcher:
Melissa Adelson

Art Direction:
Pat James
McKechnie-Lid Studio Services
Architectural Millwork and Design

Assistant Camera:
Roger Haydock
Kit Kalionzes

Jon Tower
Edgar Arellano

Claiborne Lashley
Chris Bernal

Additional Props and Costumes:
Diane Callahan
Fort Tejon State Park
Howard B. McIntosh
Philip Troll

Production Assistants:
Julie Deichman
Marina Goldman

Bill Bishop

Bill Gaddy
Junius Harris
Jon Isaacson
Ed Merchand
Anndromita Moodie
Sherry Porter
James Wassel

René Auberjonois
Melendy Britt
Scott Cleverdon
Richard Doyle
Barry Shabaka Henley
Harris Yulin

Paul Finkelman
Eric Foner
Dennis Frye
James O. Horton
Martin Kenner
Jean Libby
Stephen B. Oates
James Brewer Stewart
Geoffrey C. Ward

Leigh Ryan

Yale Labs

Post Production Services:
Matchframe Video

Brian Hutchings

Sound Design:
AnEfx, Inc.
Jack Levy

Sound Facility:
Westwind Media
Elmo Ponsdomenech
Stanley Johnston

Motion Control Camera:
Lars Bunch

Stock Footage Courtesy of:
Africans in America
John E. Allen, Inc.
Simon Carroll
Peace River Films
The Way West
West Virginia History Film Project, Inc.

Photographs Courtesy of:
Ablah Library, Wichita State University
The Adirondack Museum
American Antiquarian Society
Art Resource, NY
Joe Bauman
Wm. B. Becker Collection/American Museum of Photography
Boston Athenaeum
Trustees of the Boston Public Library
The Bostonian Society/ Old State House
Concord Free Public Library
Chester County Historical Society
Chicago Historical Society
Corbis Images
Culver Pictures, Inc.
George Eastman House
Georgia Department of Archives and History
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
The Granger Collection
Harpers Ferry Historical Association
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
The Hudson Library and Historical Society
Matthew Isenburg
Kansas State Historical Society
The Library Company of Philadelphia
The Library of Congress
The Library of Virginia
W. Bruce Lundberg Collection
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis
The Museum of Modern Art
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
(portrait purchased with funds donated by Betty Adler Schermer)
The New-York Historical Society
Ron Rittenhouse
Schomburg Center/ The New York Public Library
Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities
Kansas Collection, University of Kansas Libraries
U.S. Army Military History Institute
Valentine Museum, Richmond, VA
Virginia Historical Society
The Western Reserve Historical Society
West Virginia Division of Culture and History

Archetype Press at Art Center College of Design
Audley Farm
The Colonial Courthouse- Fairfax, West Virginia
Frederick Douglass Museum- Caring Institute
Harpers Ferry National Historic Park
Historic Deerfield Inc.- Deerfield, MA
John Brown Farm, Lake Placid NY
Tony and Magda Jones
Kennedy Farm
Kern County Museum

Special Thanks:
Russell Banks
Gordon Castin
Stan Cohen
Ed Cotter
Nancy Hatcher
Charles Joyner
Marguerite Kenner
Tess Kenner
John King
Kodak Professional Motion Imaging
Clifford Mealy
Randall Michaelson
Bruce Olds
The Polaroid Foundation
Edward J. Renehan, Jr.
Marsha Starkey
Sally Trumbower
Margaret Washington

Additional Funding
Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
Maryland Humanities Council


On-Air Promotion
Frank Capria
James Dunford

Post Production
Maureen Barden
Raymond Powell

Field Production
Larry LeCain
Bob McCausland
Chas Norton
Dan Lang

Series Designers
Alison Kennedy
Chris Pullman

Title Animation
Lizard Lounge Graphics, Inc.

Online Editor
Mark Steele

Series Theme
Charles Kuskin

Series Theme Adaptation
Michael Bacon

Business Manager
Christine Larson

Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Helen R. Russell
Andre Jones

Interactive Media
Rick Groleau
Danielle Dell'Olio

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Joseph Tovares

Senior Producer
Mark Samels

Executive Producer
Margaret Drain
A Robert Kenner Films production
For American Experience
©2000 WGBH Educational Foundation
All rights reserved

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