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The Boy in the Bubble
Film Credits

Produced and Directed by
Barak Goodman and John Maggio

Written by
Barak Goodman

Edited by
George O'Donnell

Associate Produced by
Kate Walker

Music Composed by
Gary Lionelli

Cinematography by
Stephen McCarthy

Narrated by
Campbell Scott

Jim Jones

Stills and Online Editor
Aaron Curran

Jeremiah Dickey, Hubbub Inc.
Emily Hubley, Hubbub Inc.

Research Assistant
Julie Dressner

Art Direction
Caitlin McNally

Additional Camera
Greg Andracke
Buddy Squires
Sam Henriques
James Reid

Visual Effects
Yorgo Alexopoulos, YA Multimedia

Nurses' Voices
Joanna Merlin
Kyra Sedgwick

Voice of Dr. Shearer
Lee Wilkof

Joe Hancock
Brian Henderson
Mark Mandler
Dave Perry
Mark Roy
Jerry Stein
Scott Szabo
John Toffolo
Bill Williams

Camera Assistant
Patrick Kelly

Wally Argo

Ken Perham

Set Design & Construction
Michael Krantz
Coryander Friend
Stephen Cascarelli
Michael Smoler

On-camera Actors
Edwin F. Beschler
Corinne Duggan
Coryander Friend
Noah Goodman
Brian Henderson
Christopher Mack
Keith Malone
Caitlin McNally
Kate Walker

Assistant Editors
Jared Ray
Julie Dressner

Production Assistants
Lisa Andracke
Keith Malone
Julia Landau
Liz Seru
Gary Hamilton


Special Thanks
The Vetter Family
Claire M. Bassett
Tiffany Schreiber
JoAnn Pospisil
Diane Ware
David School, Conroe, TX
Kay Gallindo
Lee Allen
David Foreman
National Museum of American History
Terry Sharrer
Mike Gentry
Benny Chesney
David L. Youngman
Town of Arlington, MA
Kevin O'Brien
Belmont Medical Supply Company
The Hastings Center
Ann Mellor
Patrician Bed & Breakfast
The Lovett Inn
Bogart's On the Boulevard
Broadway Manor Bed & Breakfast
Alger House
The Montauk Club
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
Scottish Rite Cathedral
Rachel Dretzin
Will Cohen

Archival Material
Donna Aldridge
ABC News Videosource
Archive Films by Getty Images
Baylor College of Medicine Archives
Patricia Bealmear, Ph.D.
Harry Benson Ltd.
BBC Worldwide Americas Inc.
Carol Ann Vetter Demaret
FILM Archives
Ellen Hilton
Historic Films Archive
ITN Archive
Phyllis Jersig
John R. Montgomery, M.D.
Mary Ada Murphy, Ph.D.
NASA Johnson Space Center
National Museum of American History
Quill Graphics
Raeanne Rubenstein
Mary Ann South, M.D.
University of Virginia School of Medicine
WGBH Media Library
Joseph B. Wilson, Ph.D.

American Experience

Post Production
Greg Shea
Glenn Fukushima

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-line Editor
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Mark Adler

Business Manager
John Van Hagen

Jay Fialkov
Maureen Jordan

Project Administration
Sherene Ing
Vanessa Ruiz
Rebekah Suggs

Nancy Farrell
Ravi Jain
Pamela Gaudiano
Stewart Smith
Li Wei

Director, New Media
Maria Daniels

Susan Trabucchi
Daphne B. Noyes
Lauren Prestileo

Series Editor
Susan Bellows

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

An Ark Media film for American Experience in association with Channel 4

©2006 WGBH Educational Foundation and Ark Media LLC

All rights reserved.

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