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The Boy in the Bubble
Gallery: David Vetter's Spacesuit

Space race advances in technology benefited David Vetter throughout his short life. In fact, NASA engineers had built the isolators that kept the young boy's environment germ-free. Then, in 1977, NASA made the five-year-old a custom-made, $50,000 spacesuit. The Mobile Biological Isolation System, which came with a 54-page user's manual, would allow Vetter to leave his plastic bubble for the first time.

See pictures of David and his special suit.

Carol Ann, a NASA technician, Dr. Wilson, and Davidıs father, look over the mobile space suit and life support cart apparatus David learning about the NASA suit with his parents and hospital staff David checking out the NASA suit with his mother Carol Ann David being fitted in the space suit for his first walk by Mary Murphy and a technician David in the NASA spacesuit held by his mother Carol Ann David in NASA spacesuit with his Dad and Dr. South attending to the yellow umbilical cords connected to the transporter unit
David in his space suit walks through a doorway. Also pictured are Mary Murphy, his mother Carol Ann, and his sister Katherine David in his NASA suit visits another boy in the hospital David in his space-suit at a sink Katherine and David with a friend hold hands as David walks in the mobile space suit Carol Ann shows David how to throw frisbee David stands with a neighbor helping to water the lawn. Davidıs father pushes the transporter unit.

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The Boy in the Bubble American Experience