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Millionaire's Screen Saver


Mac Version (1.1 meg)

Windows Version (800K)

Notes on installing the screen saver

  • Mac Version:
    Place the unstuffed copy of the screen saver (the file named Carnegie Screen Saver) in the Control Panels folder of your System Folder, turn off any other screen savers that may be running, then restart your computer. (You may trash the .hqx and .sea files once "Carnegie Screen Saver" has been extracted.)

  • Windows Version:
    Unzip the file you download using a program like PKUnzip or WinZip. Run the unzipped copy of the screen saver (install.exe). If you are a Windows 3.1 user, open Desktop Controls in Control Panels and select Carnegie Screen Saver. If you are a Windows 95 user, open Display in Control Panels and select Screen Saver. Select Carnegie Sreen Saver from the Screen Saver window. At this time the screen saver is not compatible with OS/2.

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