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Three Generations

  First Generation | Second Generation | Third Generation

Third Generation

Dale Jett
(Janette's son)
January 25, 1957 --

Dale Jett is a guitarist and vocalist featured on June Carter Cash's album, Wildwood Flower.

Rita Jett Forrester
(Janette's daughter)
September 5, 1954 --

Rita has followed in her mother's footsteps with her work in the Carter Family Fold. Booking acts, cooking, and announcing, she is the backbone of the weekly concerts that take place at Maces Springs, Virginia -- the hometown of Carter Family music.

Carlene Carter Smith
(June's daughter)
September 26, 1955 --

Carlene Carter has had a successful solo career in both country and rock music. As a teenager she began performing with her grandmother Maybelle as part of the Carter family.

Rosanne Cash
(June's step-daughter)
May 24, 1956 --

Rosanne began her career as part of her father's road show. She's since garnered 11 No.1 country hits and a Grammy.

John Carter Cash
(June's son)
March 3, 1970 --

John is a country music performer and producer. He produced his mother's last album, Wildwood Flower, his father's last recording sessions, and a tribute album The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of the Carter Family that features such artists as George Jones, Sheryl Crow, Marty Stuart, Willie Nelson, and Shawn Colvin.

Lorrie Davis Bennett
(Anita's daughter)
February 17, 1959 --

Lorrie Davis Bennett is a vocalist who performed with the Carter family and on June Carter Cash's 2003 album Wildwood Flower.

Rosie Nix Adams
(June's daughter)
July 3, 1958 -- October 24, 2003

Rosie Nix Adams was a bluegrass and country performer who sang on the Johnny Cash Show in 1969 and performed with as part of the Carter Family in the 1970s.

David Lawrence Jones
(Helen's son)
September 12, 1955 --

David Lawrence Jones is a guitarist and vocalist who played with the Carter Family in the 1970s.

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