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Film Credits: Fidel Castro

Written and Produced by
Adriana Bosch

Directed by
Adriana Bosch

Patricia Alvarado Núñez

Edited by
Jon Neuburger

Associate Producer
Rose M. Compagine

Director of Archival Research
Karen Colbron

Music by
Mason Daring

David Ogden Stiers

Director of Photography
Andrés Sánchez

Production Manager
Susan Chalifoux

Production Assistant
Pamela Gaudiano

Additional Camera
Eric Delgado

Assistant Editor
Scott Limanek

Additional Research
Tania Mastrapa
Julie Ecker
Alison Smith

Albert Saad
Jonathan Cohen
José Léon
Rafael Ubior

Lighting Design
Antal Steinbach
Joshua Spring
Marcos "Popu" Cruz

Sound Design
Coll Anderson

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

On-Line Editor
Mark Steele

Narration Record
Pinewood Sound

Still Photo Animation
Alisa Placas

Language Consultant
Edith Grossman

Additional Puerto Rico Crew
Freddie Hernández
Gamalier Rivera
Lorenzo Valdés Lamar

Rena Baskin
Peter Haydu
Paul Horn
William Lebow
Timothy Sawyer

Special thanks to
Bosch Solaún Family
Enrique And Yolanda Ovares
Ernesto Betancourt
Mario Chanes and Eusebio Peñalver, Plantados Until Freedom and Democracy in Cuba
Joe García, Cuban-American National Foundation
Sandra Levinson, Center for Cuban Studies
Justo Quintana, Ex-Club
Manuel Ray
Jaime Suchlicki
Juan Clark
Max Lesnick
Marisol Sánchez
Edilia Paz
Janet Lang
Miren Uriarte
Rafael Rojas

Arturo Sheimberg
Rachel Hezekiah
Michelle Doucette

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Photo Archives
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For American Experience

Post Production
Greg Shea
Glenn Fukushima

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-Line Editor
Mark Steele
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Mark Adler

Business Manager
John Van Hagen

Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Vanessa Ruiz
Helen R. Russell
Rebekah Suggs

Director, New Media
Maria Daniels

Interactive Media
Ravi Jain

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker
Lauren Prestileo

Series Editor
Susan Bellows

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

©2004 WGBH Educational Foundation
All Rights Reserved.

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