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Fidel Castro in uniform staring At the time of this writing, 78-year-old Fidel Castro still rules Cuba. According to his brother, General Raúl Castro, in the event of Fidel's death Cuban law provides a clear succession process for the government to continue as it is now.

There are other opinions. A leading Cuban dissident, Elizardo Sanchez, says, "It is a proven fact that when the days of charismatic caudillos are over, their ideologies are also over."

And Cuba observer Mark Falcoff points out that Castro has already survived the collapse of the socialist world to which he attached his fledgling revolution.

Will Cuba survive as a socialist state after the death of Fidel Castro?




Did you watch the film, "Fidel Castro"?
(Please vote "yes" if you watched at least half of the film.)




If yes, did it influence your answers?




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