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Gallery: Stanford White's Manhattan

Stanford White arrived in New York City in 1879 after having spent a year in France studying architecture. Just 22 years old, bristling with energy and ideas, White descended upon a city entering a period of expansion and growth. He soon joined forces with Charles McKim, a friend from the Paris trip, and William Rutherford Mead to form the architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White. During the next three decades, until his murder, White would design some of Manhattan's landmark structures, many of which are still standing today.

Browse a gallery of Stanford White structures in Manhattan.

Picture of The Admiral David Glowsgow Farragut Memorial Manhattan, New York City
Map of Manhattan, New York City
Picture of the New York Life Insurance Building
The Admiral David Glowsgow Farragut Memorial New York Life Insurance Building
Picture of the Tiffany House Picture of the William Collins Whitney House
 Tiffany House William Collins Whitney House
Picture of St. Paul's Church Pictre of The Colony Club
St. Paul's Church The Colony Club
Picture of Madison Square Garden Picture of The Judson Memorial Church Picture of the Washington Square Arch
Madison Square Garden The Judson Memorial Church Washington Square Arch
David Glowsgow Farragut Memorial Tiffany House St. Paul's Church Madison Square Garden The Judson Memorial Church New York Life Insurance Building William Collins Whitney House The Colony Club Washington Square Arch

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