American Experience
American Experience

National Strike of May 1, 1886 | McCormick Strike
Haymarket Trial | Haymarket Funeral

The trial of the eight accused in the Haymarket bombing began in June 1887. Labor and anarchist groups protested the prosecution's lack of evidence, and the selection of a biased jury. State Attorney Julius S. Grinnell stated, "Anarchy is on trial."

The jury reached a guilty verdict in three hours. Oscar Neebe was sentenced to a 15 year prison term and the other seven defendants were sentenced to death by hanging. Governor Richard J. Oglesby commuted the sentences of Samuel Fielden and Michael Schwab to life imprisonment on the eve of the execution. Louis Lingg detonated a homemade bomb in his mouth the day before the execution and died some days later. August Spies, Albert Parsons, George Engel and Adolph Fischer were hanged on November 11, 1887.

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