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Jing Zhicheng, Attaché, Chinese Embassy, Warsaw, on:

the fashion show in Yugoslavia

William Buckley, Editor, The National Review, on:
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the negotiations
the final toast
the trip and Taiwan

Sultan Mohammed Khan, Foreign Secretary, Pakistan, on:
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Nixon’s meeting with Pakistan president, Yahya Khan
Yahya Khan’s visit to beijing
the channels of communication
the Chinese response
Dr. Kissinger’s journey to China

Zhang Ham Zhi, Interpreter, Chinese Foreign Ministry, on:
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her role in U.S. - China Relations
the term’s of Nixon’s visit to China
General Haig’s meeting with Premier Chou En-lai
China’s membership in the UN
Mao Tse-tung’s decision to invite President Nixon to China
the Gang of Shanghai
dinner with Shanghai leaders
welcoming General Haig to Hangzhou
alerting Chou En-lai to General Haig’s treatment
the last banquet
her return to Beijing

Alexander Haig, Deputy National Security Advisor, on:
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first hearing about the new policy toward China
the strategic objectives of the new policy
keeping Will Rogers in the dark
the secrecy of the policy
why he was selected
first meeting Chou En-lai

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