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Jing Zhicheng, Attaché, Chinese Embassy, Warsaw, on:
the fashion show in Yugoslavia

Jing Zhicheng It was in 1969, December the 3rd. This is one of the most interesting things in diplomatic relations. Daytime was really short in Poland. So, it was gloomy and quite dark, and that day I was second secretary of the embassy. Dichi chi will attend Yugoslav fashion show that was organized by Yugoslav in Poland. The fashion show was in the center of the city. We sat quite close to the entrance. There are tables all around. Soon after we sat down, I found at the entrance opposite, there was a table with two people and they are talking. While they talk, they point at us. They are talking about something. I realized they were American officials, naturally a diplomat to Poland embassy. When I noticed this situation, I reported it to the second secretary of Chinese embassy. As soon as the fashion show was over we left quickly. It was about eight o'clock. The fashion show ended and we stood up and left.

The American ambassador followed us. Someone said this is our American ambassador . I looked at the man without saying a word. And then our second secretary, he was far away and I was worried. I tried to leave the place. I speeded up and Americans start running, following us, and then they start talking to us using Polish and told us, "We are from American embassy. We want to meet your ambassador." When they said it, I looked down, I turned around and I told him, "Okay, I will tell my ambassador." When they noticed now I was not going to stop they said, "President Nixon said he wanted to resume his talk with Chinese."

Q: How did you handle this situation?

Ambassador Jing: Important issues must be reported at once. You can't wait. It was a not small matter since Americans are trying to talk to us. So anyway, that Chinese embassy decided to report to the Central Government. So we reported this. We reported this to Ambassador Lee Yong, but at the time we also quickly sent a telegram to Beijing.

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