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The Film and More
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The American Experience
The Film & More
Film Credits

Directed by
Ric Burns

Written by
Richard Snow

Produced by
Ric Burns
Buddy Squires

Edited by
Paul Barnes

Narrated by
Philip Bosco

Lisa Ades

Associate Editor
Bruce Shaw

Buddy Quires
Allen Moore

Senior Creative Consultant
Geoffrey C. Ward

Marshall Berman
John Carlin
Frederick P. Fried
John Kasson Jerome Liebling
John Manbeck
Sam Bass Warner
Steve Zeitlin

Andrei Codrescu
Vincent Gardenia
Judd Hirsch
Nathan Lane
John Mahoney
Jerry Orbach
George Plimpton
Lois Smith
Frances Sternhagen
Eli Wallach

Associate Producer
Tricia Reidy

Apprentice Editor
Joseph Meyer

Production Assistant
William Perkins

Animation Photography
George Davis
Eighth Frame Camera

Additional Cinematography
Alicia Weber

Music Arranged and Directed by
Alicia Weber

Music Consultant
Max Rudin

Sound Recording
Mark Mandler
John Zecca
Eliza Paley
Toby Shimin

Negative Matching
Noelle Penraat

Title Design
Jim Madden, Asterik

Titles and Opticals
John Alanga, The Effects House

Du Art Film Labs

Voice Over Recording
A&J Recording Studios
Night Owl Studios
Sound Dimension
System Two Studios
Streetville Studios

Sound Editors
Paul Barnes
Bruce Shaw

Assistant Sound Editors
Ed Barteski
Joshua Levin

Re-Recording Mixer
Dominc Tavella, Sound One Corp.

Film to Tape Transfer
John J. Dowdell, III, The Tape House

The Brooklyn Collection, Brooklyn Public Library
Library of Congress
Museum of the City of New York
New York Historical Society
Michael Brown Collection
Frederick Fried Collection
Richard Snow Collection

Nick Zervos Collection
John E. Allen, Inc.
American Heritage
Archive Film Productions
Dennis Atkinson
Brooklyn College Library
William K. Everson
Kingsborough Historical Society
National Archives
New York Public Public Library
Martin S. Pernick, University of Michigan
Petrified Films, Inc.
Sherman Grinberg Film Libraries
Smithsonian Film Archives
Twentieth Century Fox, Movietonews, Inc.
University of South Carolina
The Zacchini Family

Clip from The Crowd provided by
Turner Entertainment Co.
Clip from Hello Sister courtesy of
Twentieth Century Fox

Valerie Georgoulakos
Michael Kantor
Astroland Park
Deno’s Wonderwheel Park

Sponsoring Agent
The New York Center for Urban Folk Culture


Harlan Reiniger
Eileen Mulvey

Field Production
Larry Lecain
Chas Norton
Bob McCausland

Graphic Design
Chris Pullman
Alison Kennedy

Videotape Editors
Mark Steele
Doug Martin

Series Theme
Charles Kuskin

Unit Manager
Lisa Jones

Senior Researcher
Jane Feinberg

Project Administration
Cori Couture
Nancy Farrell
Letty Hummel
Ann Scott

Publicity Director
Michael Shepley

Associate Producer
Laurie Kahn-Leavitt

Staff Producer
Judith Quain

Business Manager
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Llewellyn Smith

Senior Producer
Margaret Drain

Executive Producer
Judy Crichton

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