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1609 Coney islandThe explorer Henry Hudson, commanding the "Half-Moon," puts in at Coney Island before continuing into what is now called New York Harbor. According to tradition, his right-hand man, John Coleman, is killed there by local Indians.
1829 Coney Island House opens, marking the beginning of Coney Island's status as a seaside resort.
1845 Samuel Colt erects a telegraph tower at Coney Island.
1862 George C. Tilyou is born in New York City. His family moves to Coney Island three years later.
1860s Mike "Thunderbolt" Norton opens a hotel at Norton's Point, on the eastern end of Coney Island, which caters to a corrupt clientele.
1867 Charles Feltman invents the hot dog at Coney Island.
1869 John Y. McKane is elected town commissioner of Gravesend, beginning his career as a Coney Island politician.
1875 Andrew Culver completes the Prospect Park & Coney Island Railroad.
1876 Andrew Culver opens the Oriental Hotel, inaugurating the era of opulent hotels at Coney Island.
1877 Andrew Culver erects the 300-foot Steel Tower observatory at Coney Island.

Austin Corbin opens the Manhattan Beach Hotel.
1878 The Camera Obscura Observatory, an import from the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, is installed at Coney Island.

William Engeman opens the Brighton Beach Hotel.

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